Can You Charge an Electric Car with a Generator?

When it comes to charging an electric car, many people wonder if they can use a generator to do so. The answer is YES; in fact, you can charge an electric car with a generator. Using a standby generator is the most convenient way to charge your electric car during a power outage. All you need to do is connect your electric car charger to the power outlet as usual.

However, if you want to fast charge your electric car, you'll need to have a backup generator installed. When it comes to the type of generator you'll need, a minimum of 2000 watts is recommended. You'll also need a properly grounded inverter that produces a clean sine wave. Tesla vehicles can be charged with a pure sine wave inverter and a grounding solution, as long as the generator is an inverter that provides a pure sine wave and has some type of grounding solution.

When people talk about charging an electric car with a generator, they usually think of small portable generators. However, these are not ideal for charging an entire electric vehicle. Not only will you need to have your generator handy, but you'll also need to have a constant supply of fuel. The WEN generator is the least recommended despite its light weight because it will take a long time to charge your electric vehicle.

Therefore, depending on the reason you want to charge your vehicle with a generator, they are probably not feasible options. So, looking back at the central question of “Can an electric car be charged with a generator?” the answer is still technically YES. With charging stations still scarce in many areas, range anxiety is an ongoing concern for electric car owners. If you have the right adapters for your Tesla, Chevy, or any electric vehicle you drive, you can start a small generator and connect it to your car's charging port.

Slowly increase amperage, never exceeding what the owner's manual recommends for a charging station.

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