Can a Generator Get Wet in the Rain? - Safety Tips for Using Generators in Humid Conditions

Generators are designed to produce a powerful voltage and, when moisture enters the outlets or seeps into the engine, it can cause an electrocution or explosion. It is essential to understand that electricity and water don't mix. Therefore, it is not advisable to operate a portable generator in humid climates, unless you use a generator tent. Never allow your generator to get wet or run out in the open in the rain.

Simply touching the frame of a generator in the rain could cause a life-threatening electric shock. Even if your generator has ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) outlets, it will still pose a risk when wet. Water entering the generator will cause it to stop working and could even cause it to explode. If you need to run a generator in the rain, you should build a PVC generator cover with three arched PVC pipes attached to a PVC base.

This will help protect your generator from moisture and ensure its safety. It is also important to install carbon monoxide detectors in any room connected to an attached garage where you are running your generator. When comparing the operation of a generator to using a car in the rain, it should be obvious that a car engine is in an enclosure. This should also be the case when you connect or unplug the cables that are in the electrical panel of the generator.

Covers that fit tightly around your generator are great for protecting it when it's in storage, but they can't be used while it's running. It is essential to remember that electricity and water don't mix and that running a generator in humid conditions should be avoided. If there are adverse weather conditions, try to wait for them to pass before running your generator. If you must use your generator during a storm, make sure you use a cover for it or place it in a location that protects it from rain.

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