What Size Generator Do You Need to Power Your Home?

At around 60 pounds, this is the lightest generator. They are quiet and easy to store and handle. You can use multiple generators to increase production. They can power most devices that use a standard plug.

If you're looking for a reliable source of power for your home, you may be wondering what size generator is needed to power a house. Selecting Customize It provides a backup generator recommendation based on the size of your home and the corresponding lighting and outlet requirements, and assumes that there are natural gas appliances in the calculation. You must ensure that the generator you purchase is powerful enough to operate your essential appliances AND be able to start them. However, items such as light bulbs and coffee makers don't need an extra boost of energy when turned on.

Some large portable generators can also be connected to a switch panel and are noisier than a large inverter generator. You can avoid a short power outage, but a home generator is an essential addition to your preparation kit for extended power outages. For example, a standard modern refrigerator requires 1200 watts of power to start, but only consumes 200 watts of power once it is in operation. These generators don't run on natural gas or propane, so you'll need stabilized gasoline to prepare for a power outage.

Inverter generators provide electricity, but with lower noise and more fuel efficiency than other generators. There is also a balance between power and cost: high-power generators are significantly more expensive. If you encounter occasional power outages that may or may not last an extended period of time, a large inverter or large portable generator may work for you. The number of watts, or the size of the generator, you need will depend on what you want to work during the outage.

Keep in mind that backup generators for the home cannot be installed in low-lying areas and cannot be moved if there is a threat of flooding. If you experience frequent and prolonged power outages, consider a large inverter or a home standby generator, also known as a whole-house generator. Portable generators are powerful enough to provide electricity for outdoor activities, such as camping, walking, and other events. To get an idea of the size of generator you need to power your home, take a look at the generator size chart below. This chart will help you determine the wattage required for your essential appliances and devices.

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