Will a generator run an air conditioner?

In general, you will need at least one 4000 watt generator to run a small window air conditioner unit and at least one 6000 watt generator to run a whole house air conditioner. An air conditioner needs a lot of energy, so you usually can't use your generator for anything else simultaneously. Yes, a portable generator can power your central air conditioning unit. Portable generators not only serve to power small appliances, but they can also keep energy-intensive home systems running during power outages.

You should make sure that you choose a portable generator that is strong enough to run the air conditioning unit and any other essential systems that you plan to connect it. With a 1000 watt generator, you can run a small or medium window unit and be fine. You will need at least a 2000 watt generator to power a large window unit. A larger generator may be a better option if you need to power many appliances at once.

Whole House Generators Are Great For Powering Your Air Conditioner During A Power Outage. However, air conditioners range from 900-watt window units to 4000-watt whole-house air conditioners, so it's essential to get a generator that can handle the load of your particular unit. Standby generators have the power to power central air conditioners, so you can return to a fresh home. 14-kilowatt standby generator could power 4-ton central air conditioner.

A 17-kilowatt model could work with a 5-ton central air conditioner. If you want your air conditioner to turn on when the backup generator turns on automatically, you or an electrician must connect it from the panel box to the transfer switch. To be safe when selecting a portable generator that matches this average standard, you should go for something with a power of between 6,000 and 6,500 watts. For a more complete list and idea of generator size, it's best to talk to a generator specialist in your area.

An alternative way to solve the problem of generator size to run an air conditioner is to add the total power of everything you need to stay on during power outages. If you are having difficulty powering your window AC unit with a generator, follow these tips and upgrade to a newer, more efficient size generator for your window AC unit. By now, you know that the right size of generators is a great way to lower your energy bills and keep all your appliances powered efficiently. A freezer only uses 100 to 300 watts, so your generator should have no problem powering these appliances.

This scenario raises the question of whether or not a whole-house generator is an excellent investment in keeping my air conditioner running no matter what. The transfer switch ensures that when the main power goes out, the generator starts automatically. Yes, a whole-house generator can run an air conditioner as long as the generator provides more than 7,200 starting watts and 5,400 operating watts for an AC unit of 3 tons or more. There are three different common generators to power your air conditioner, and they vary in terms of power.

This table is a rough example of how to determine the size of the generator you need to power your home. The generator you need to run your central air conditioning unit is based on the power needs of your cooling system. The most important part of properly connecting the air conditioner to the generator is to install a transfer switch. Portable generators with low power are designed for smaller appliances that are used in emergencies until the power is turned on again.


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